To learn about building split rims in different configurations, read our split rim guide.

This tool has been created to make wheel fitment calculations quick and easy. By inputting the specifications of your current wheels and a new set of wheels, the wheel calculator will determine the position of the new wheels when fitted to a car.

To use this tool simply complete the “Wheel A” fields with your current wheel specifications and the “Wheel B” fields with your new wheel specifications before clicking “Calculate”.

If the “New Outer Position” value is positive, the outer edge of the new wheel will sit further away from the car. If the value is negative, the outer position of the new wheel will be closer to the car.

If the “New Inner Clearance” value is positive, the new inner clearance will increase. If the value is negative, the inner clearance will decrease.

While this tool is provided with the best intentions, it does not guarantee wheel fitment and should be used for theoretical comparisons only.

Wheel A Width (inches)

Wheel A Offset (mm)

Wheel B Width (inches)

Wheel B Offset (mm)

New Outer Position (mm)

New Inner Clearance (mm)


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